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Transform with New Holland poster final
THURS, APRIL 21ST, LINCOLN SQUARE, 7-9PM.  Just when you think things are the way they are supposed to be, they change. To “transform” implies a change of character with little resemblance of the past configuration or structure. Both forms may have value, and may even be coveted, but they cannot exist at the same time. New Holland Brewing Co. understands what it means to transform. They take things like water, hops and barley, and combine them into something we all want: delicious Craft beer. But they don’t stop there. They also take these brews and send them into a whirlwind of change through a still, resulting in equally impressive Artisan Spirit, Bierschnapps, as well as tinkering with the impact barrels can have for our favorite beverages. We are bringing all of these liquids to Jerry’s, in all of their forms together so you can taste them, side by side, and decide which variation wins your heart. It’s okay not to choose a favorite. We can’t. We enjoy them all.
Full Circle Kolsch has been reinvented into Bierschnapps White.
Cabin Fever Brown Ale has been distilled and spent time in a wood sheet to become Bierschnapps Barreled.
Dragon’s Milk is a stout that has spent time in New Holland spent bourbon barrels. New Holland then takes their bourbon and ages it those same barrels (their third use for transformation), and the result is Beer Barrel Bourbon.

This event is FREE to attend, pay as you go for food and drinks. We’ll have some lovely folks from New Holland on hand to talk beer, spirits and transformation with you and yours. Don’t be nervous…be ready to TRANSFORM.

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