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Waffle Day poster
WEDNESDAY, MARCH 25TH. You probably already knew this, but National Waffle Day is Wed, March 25th. We at Jerry’s take this, and all national food-related holidays, very seriously. Alongside the parades on every Main Street, fireworks displays and the raging bouts of Ultimate Waffle Food-Fighting Championships, Jerry’s is ready and willing to do our part to keep those enthusiastic bellies full.

We’re proud to announce the coming of the Jerry’s Fried Chicken and Waffle Sandwich! Our popular Southern Fried Chicken nuzzles up with maple-glazed Bacon, White Cheddar, house Bread & Butter Pickles, lettuce, and real Maple Syrup Aoli, and is nestled in a Beer-based Waffle bed and blanket. No National Waffle Day Party will be complete without it!

Make sure to leave room for dessert, in the form of a root beer chocolate chip waffle with custard and chocolate syrup. WAFFLE!!!

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