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Bell's Brewery The Oracle
WICKER PARK, SEPT 4th, 7pm.  Bell’s Oracle is an extremely limited and rare beer, but the wisdom that it holds is worth every bit of the trials and tribulations required to obtain it. Or you could just skip the whole trials and tribulations bit, and come by Jerry’s for a couple of delicious beers.

The tap List:
Bell’s Oracle 2IPA (at 7 pm sharp)
Bell’s Best Brown Ale (fall seasonal release party)
Bell’s Two Hearted
Bell’s Octoberfest

In addition to these, we’ll have our usual array of bottles from Kalamazoo’s finest: Bell’s Amber, Lager of the Lakes, Kalamazoo Stout, Two Hearted, and Midwest Pale Ale.  Bell’s own Monica Mooney will be on hand for the party. So feel free to say hi, raise a glass with her, and discuss all things Bell’s.

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