cosmic sandwiches & drink


downloadStarting Thursday, August 1st, (Jerry’s birthday), we will commence a week-long, modest, celebration with some appropriate, and possibly inappropriate, specials:

  • Lobster Salad Dijonnaise Sandwich (aka Lobster Roll)
  • Jamaican POT Roast (Caribbean-Rubbed Pork Shoulder)
  • Magic Mushroom Burger
  • Discounts on the Stoner and Munchy Grilled Cheeses
  • Discounts on Electric Lemonade
  • Nectar Hemp Ale and Roses-themed ales Jolly Pumpkin Baudelaire & Revolution Rosa

We also are efforting to have Mindy wear a dancing bear costume all week.  Stay tuned.  And . . . on Thursday night at Wicker Park, the terrific cover band Scarlet Mountain will play.  All silliness ends on August 9th, the day the music died.

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