cosmic sandwiches & drink


ANDERSONVILLE, AUGUST 5th, 7pm. In recent weeks, our loved bartender Shay has been experiencing dizziness and migraines that led him to an MRI machine which revealed a black mass pushing on his brain. He will have to undergo brain surgery to address this by the end of July. While Shay luckily has health insurance, the out-of-pocket expenses will likely amount to tens of thousands of dollars before it’s all said and done. We at Jerry’s would like to help ease that burden, and would like to invite the Jerry’s community to do the same. Monday, Aug 5th we’ll begin our “Black Mass” as a nod to the blip on Shay’s MRI and to his fondness of some pretty dark metal. Join us for occult-flavored movies, dark metal for your ears, and some dark beers to tie it all together. All bar profits and tips for the evening will be donated directly to Shay. For updated beer list for this event: FB event.



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