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WICKER PARK, JULY 24th, 6-9pm.  On July 24, 1983, George Brett hammered a Goose Gossage fastball into the right field seats at Yankee Stadium, giving the Kansas City Royals a 5-4 ninth inning lead over the New York Yankees.  It was a thrilling moment for any baseball fan lucky enough to witness this match-up between the two Hall of Fame players.

But it was a moment that would have eventually faded away from baseball’s collective memory, had Yankees manager Billy Martin not walked out of the dugout and asked for George Brett’s bat.  What followed was a 25 day long saga involving two baseball teams, six umpires, one obscure MLB rule, a crafty baseball manager, a colossal meltdown from Brett, American League president Lee McPhail, Yankees owner George Steinbrenner, and two judges from the State Supreme Court of New York. A saga known forever as The Pine Tar Incident. (For the full story, click on the link below.)

This July 24, Jerry’s will celebrate the 30th anniversary of bizarre event with five of our favorite beers brewed with brettanomyces, a funky yeast strain colloquially known as Brett.  Brett yeast strains produce a range of flavors as varied and colorful as the personalities involved in The Pine Tar Incident, and we’ve got a stacked line-up of Brett beers to celebrate that diversity.  And as a nod to the pine tar itself, we’ll tap a couple of our favorite piney IPAs as well.  So bring your favorite ball cap and we’ll bring the beer. Play Ball!

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