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WICKER PARK, JUNE 26th-29th, 9pm, $10/night (2, 3, and 4 day passes available)

Fourth Annual Festival: Amidst a sea of auto-tune, reverb and buzz bands, the Independent Chicago Songwriter Festival brings it all back to basics – good original tunes, talented musicians, a voice and an acoustic guitar.

Initiated by musician Chris Darby in 2010, Independent Chicago has been working to help bring awareness to the underground songwriter community in the city, connecting local musicians with audiences and with each other. This year, each of the four nights will be curated by a different Chicago songwriter. Julie Jurgens, Rob Reid, Sue Fink, and Chris Darby will each host a night.

Patrons will have access to limited edition recordings and posters as well as special offerings from the artists, including a compilation CD featuring a track from each performer. Select Artists will be featured on Independent Chicago in the week leading up to the festival,

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