cosmic sandwiches & drink


FRIDAY, DEC 21st – Save your best beer for last.  As the Mayans have predicted, we will end our time here by soaking ourselves in the past. Stone Brewing brings to Jerry’s Wicker Park a Vertical Epic Ale tasting.  “The Final Chapter” begins at 6 pm, with the rare red wine barrel-aged 09.09.09 tapped at 7 pm.  Goes until the world ends, or when the CPD prefers us to close, whichever comes first.  (Also, as a sensitive tribute to Mayan culture, we will be showing locally made short comedy films in the Music Room at 8 pm, followed by a screening of Uncensored Bad Santa.  Die laughing.)  The Stone tap lineup – Cali-Belgique, Ruination, Levitation, IPA, Smoked Porter, 16th Anniversary, 12.12.12. Vertical Epic, 11.11.11 Vertical Epic, 09.09.09 Vertical Epic (7pm tapping).

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